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Located in Oxfordshire, Didcot is a town full of history. Famous for its railway museum and power stations it is a great English town to visit and live in. in 2015, the government awarded the garden town status to Didcot to begin the development of this area.

Due to this, the town of Didcot is an exciting location to be; in the next 20 years, 20,000 new jobs are planned to be created in and around the area. As well as an estimated 16,000 new homes, this is a developing town that is working towards improving local facilities and living space.

Some of these development plans include a mix of affordable and private rented housing both for existing and new residents and an expansion of the shopping Orchard Centre which has already begun. New schools, health and leisure centres are also being built and developed along with the accessibility to open green spaces with sports and relaxation facilities. Finally, plans to encourage the growth of local food and public spaces to allow the hosting of more community events is another priority of Didcot to achieve.


With a number of nurseries, primary, secondary and sixth form schools, Didcot has a wide range of schooling facilities to suit everybody. For example, Stephen Freeman Community Primary School, Didcot Girls’ School and Ladygrove Park Primary School are just a few popular options around the area.


Didcot offers a range of transport options from bus and coach services, train transport, taxi services and Thameside travel. With the many modes of transport available in this area, you are unlikely to struggle to get around the town with ease.


Didcot is full of all the services you are likely to need around the area. For example, the town is home to a large number of general practices, dental surgeries and a hospital that’s easily accessible, as well as the local police station situated on Mereland Road fairly central to the town. The Orchard Centre is the local shopping attraction with over 30 stores ranging from retail, food, an entertainment centre, cinema and restaurants, there tends to be something for everyone.

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